Beneath the Makeup

Beneath all of the makeup and behind that smile lies a world of pain, stop hiding them.

Beneath the Makeup

My dear friend,

I hope you are well. Hope your arm has healed? I still cannot get our last conversation out of my mind o. I have thought about all you said, and I doubt I will ever understand why you insist on covering it all up. Why do you keep hiding beneath your beautiful makeup? We may not see what’s beneath, but you do, and when you clean off that makeup, all you have covered is laid bare.

The power of makeup is enormous. Its wonderful ability to transform is indeed a blessing from heaven. But what do you plan to do with the parts you can’t cover with makeup? The invisible bruises and scars…

My dear, will you stay until your spirit is totally broken? Or until your soul leaves your body? Your body is already crumbling as it is, under his ever consistent fist. How long will you endure the name calling and put-downs that are already breaking your spirit?

What about your children? You say you are enduring it all for them; you forget what exposing them to your dysfunctional family is doing to them. Ore mi!! It is breaking them. They will grow up eventually and leave, and you will still be stuck enduring the fist.

Why do you insist on living in that cage you call a home? Yes, I understand how much you still love him, and that’s okay, you don’t have to stop, but you need to run and love him from the side-line. I know you are praying, and you believe he will change, but don’t you at least deserve to be alive to see him when he does?

If this is this about what the society will say, I promise you, my dear; they will get over it, in fact, faster than your healing. They will also blame you if you die.

I know you feel weak right now but within you is the strength you need. You are strong, let that strength you possess get to work now. You are much more than a helpless female, snap out of this victim stance you have taken, take your place as a woman and a mother. You don’t need a plan, all you need is courage and trust in yourself.

Beneath all of the makeup and behind that smile lies a world of pain, stop hiding them. Leave before you are broken beyond repair. Leave before your children totally lose their innocence; before this becomes a part of their education.

The journey to redemption will be rough, but I assure you that the freedom that awaits you is bliss.
Give my words a thought, and decide on what you will do. You know that whatever you decide, I will be there.

With love,
from your BFF

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