Boys Living in Men’s Bodies

... we are not choosy, we just simply won’t settle for just anybody.

Boys Living in Men’s Bodies

How exactly does one find a man who combines ‘intelligence’ with ‘simple class’?

I am a single girl living in Lagos among fellow ‘single to stupor’ ladies. We’ve all had relationships that ended (that story is for another day), we have moved on and ready to get back out there, but these men are just so scarce. I am not talking about just any guy, the type that merely live in a man’s body but are still boys, because believe me, those are everywhere.

Contrary to what you are thinking right now, we are not choosy, we just simply won’t settle for just anybody.  I have met those ‘boys’ who till today, I’m still in awe of how lame they are.  Ok, maybe you will understand now;

Take for example the experience of my friend Adunni, a dark skinned lady who combines beauty with brain.  She met a boy (yes, a boy who just happen to live in man’s body) while she was walking to the bus stop, minding her own business. He parked beside her and called her attention. He somehow thought they had met before (that pickup line is overused by the way), they talked for a few minutes and exchanged numbers. He offered to drive her to Victoria island but she refused, not because she was wary of strangers but because she couldn’t understand how any purposeful young man would come all the way from Surulere to Ikeja and just at the entrance of his destination in Ikeja decide to abandon his mission and drive a girl who he just met all the way to the island. To her, he didn’t seem like a serious minded young man, yet she answered his call the following day only to
hear him say “I love you, I’m in love with you.

Shocked, she asked what he meant, then he answered ‘I want you”. That was it, “am I a commodity” she asked him, “Yes, of course” he answered with confidence. He showcased more of his ignorance when he said that commodity meant money and to him, she was even worth more than money. Well, pardon him, he was trying to be smooth.

Then, the love messages started coming in, he just wouldn’t take the hint that he wasn’t wanted and go away. Every morning, he sends his version of love messages which are often long epistles which he copies from love song lyrics or the Songs of Solomon
Please, how on earth does one person who already lacks focus manage to combine ‘lack of class’ with ‘dumbness’?

No one says you can’t like a girl once you see her, but can you please show some class and intelligence… all you need to do is be friends with her.

I don’t know what you expect me to say o, when you claim to be in love with me and you know nothing more than my first name.

Abeg, stop overusing “LOVE”, just get some class and bring your A-game.

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