But What Do They Really Want?

But What Do They Really Want?

Everyday, I wondered… maybe love wasn’t all they want.
But what do they really want?

Ibidunni was an angel… He began
and she was mine

I loved her and I believed she loved me
Ibidunni!!! my soft spoken damsel.
Ours was what everyone called relationship goals
We were picture perfect
Ibidunni mi!! she was ‘it’ for me
Then, one weekend, Ibidunni was married
Adegbola became her husband

Adegbola!!! Ibidunni’s former lover who wouldn’t leave her alone
We had laughed about him
Ibidunni always hissed at the mention of him
But my angel stood smiling in the picture…
Dressed in all white, like the angel I had always imagined her to be.

Ibidunni said she was sorry
That I am a good man…
But Adegbola was rich and could take care of her

So, what did you do? I asked
I swallowed the pain,He said
Like a man would…
And when I had digested it, I went back to the river to fish again.

Then came Ariyike…
Ariyike! the simple but elegant queen…
She had my heart from the beginning
So I began to care for her like her name asked me to…
Ariyike was here to stay… oh! my hook had caught the best fish
Then Ariyike said that I’m a rare kind, but I wasn’t for her…
I was too nice… and she was sorry.

So, what will you do, I asked
I will not cry…
I’m just wonder what they all really wanted
and I’m going to find my answer.

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