Complex or Confidence?

Thoughts Mar 27, 2017

I first heard “INFERIORITY COMPLEX” from the new boy in SS1, he ‘kindly’ asked a fellow classmate if she had an inferiority complex. We had no idea what that meant, but she rolled her eyes at him anyways… it could be some disease o… so we consulted a dictionary.

So having moved from that clueless stage in SS1, I have learnt that complex issues are quite common, just that the way people exhibit theirs is different. Some are overly shy and withdrawn (wallflower type), some are followers of the ‘cool’ kids; always kissing their ‘asses’ and the others are those fake people who pretend to be who they are not. The last category is the overly confident and sometimes arrogant noisemakers and bullies.
This last category fascinates me the most…

I had always felt that true confidence is like that of a consistent winner in the game of poker. He is that man that sits with a quiet self-confidence, never trying to bring the other players down. He studies and reads the expressions of other players, his face void of expression, giving away nothing…certainly not the noisemaker who boasts of his valour yet consistently lose.

Then I saw this quote that tells me exactly what confidence means;
“Confidence isn’t walking into a room with your nose in the air, and thinking you are better than everyone else, it’s walking into a room and not having to compare yourself to anyone else in the first place.”

This reminded me of the Disney “Mean Girls”; the blonde bimbo with the ‘perfect life’, looking down her ‘perfect’ nose at everyone else, and putting everyone down. It turns out she does it to feel better about herself and her imperfections.

What’s this need to appear perfect when you are not anyways? I guess it’s the world we live in…
It’s after all only sane to assume that if I truly have the confidence I’m trying to portray, or if I am in as much control as I seem to be, then I need no validation from anyone. I am simply good enough whether or not somebody else is better or worse… self-image and self-worth are ‘sha’ intrinsic.


Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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