Do You Ever Feel Like There Should Be More?

Pillow Talk Feb 16, 2021

On my way to work Thursday morning, as I sat on the bus, waiting in yet another bus stop that the Lagos danfo I was in decided to pitch its tent and wait for passengers, I saw people; all shapes, colours, and sizes going to and fro. But as different as they all were, one thing was common, they all seemed to be in a hurry, there was no leisure stroll.

But I was in a hurry too, and at the same time irritated by the danfo driver and his conductor who seemed in no hurry to move. So, I’m not any different, except maybe not all of them seemed as tired as I felt or maybe they just hid it well too.

Isn’t there something more? Something other than the daily rat race to a job many of us hates just to earn money barely enough to live a good life.

Life itself and the purpose of being in this crazy world cannot simply be about this daily race, right? The daily cycle, the stress, the hustle, the bills, and the ever-increasing responsibilities, that can’t be all we are here for right?

Those were the questions that ran through my mind, successfully distracting me from the obnoxious driver and conductor.

Do you have those questions too?

Do you ever feel like there should be more? That there’s more to life than the daily cycle and rat race?

*Originally published 13 November 2020


Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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