Do You Want To Know About Your Boo's Past?

Pillow Talk May 22, 2020

I do.

And it’s not so I can judge him or think less of him, I’m just nosy.

I’ve been asked why it’s so important I know. Well, I don’t know and before you tell me, I know it’s not a basis for a successful relationship.

You see, I combine a rare case of overthinking and curiosity. I also don't have the required energy to snoop around. So, if I don’t get the gist, I just end up overthinking it and come up with a non-existent story, just to satisfy my curious mind. Don’t judge me, it’s the mind of a storyteller.

To be honest, I’ve never understood the secrecy. Isn’t it better when all cards are on the table? For me, it improves intimacy and some part of the gist comes handy when I need to tease the boo. I once told a boo about an ex who ghosted me for months. I ended with ‘he dumped my ass’. That term became an inside joke for the longest time.

But I don’t want to know everything too. Keep the names of the past lovers, I’m not interested. Keep whatever details are embarrassing to you until you feel like sharing. Keep the visuals too. Just give me the gist. I’m also very interested in why your past relationship ended.

I’m telling too, so no need to worry about it being one-sided.

What’s your take on this?

Do you want to know or you just don’t care at all?

Or is it a simple case of don’t ask, don’t tell?


Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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