Guarding my Ear Jealously...

The ear is powerful, keep hearing something and you will believe it.

Guarding my Ear Jealously...

For a long time, my image of myself was of a ‘fair skinned girl’, I didn’t know how wrong this perception was until much later.

You see, everyone around me while growing up always referred to me as the fair one and my sister as the dark-skinned one. It didn’t occur to me at the time that I wasn’t exactly fair skinned, and that they were just comparing two complexions.  I was fair skinned and that was all I could see. I heard it so often, I believed them and no matter how many times I looked at myself in the mirror, I always see a fair skin.

I didn’t realise how totally ‘unfair’ my skin is until I couldn’t use the fair shades of makeup…it just wouldn’t blend with my skin tone. It was a sudden reawakening for me and for the first time, I saw a different shade of myself in the mirror… I was dark skinned, maybe caramel… but certainly not the ‘yellow pawpaw’ my mind had conjured.

So suddenly, I realised that I reacted to what had been said to me over and over… I have heard it so much that my eyes could only see what my mind believed.

The ear is powerful, keep hearing something and you will believe it. Just like a man who keeps eating gets full, a man who keeps hearing will start to believe.

So, I have learnt how important my ear is. I have learnt that it’s a straight path to my Soul. So, I’m not constantly giving my ears to negativities, I’m guarding my ears so jealously and I hope you do the same.

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