Have You Ever Allowed Yourself to Be Vulnerable?

Taiwo Ajuwon Pillow Talk Nov 20, 2020

With my family, sometimes, but not often.

With a person outside my own family, once.

Vulnerability is hard, perhaps because we were raised to always be strong, and tough, and even when defeated, to wear the semblance of strength like a mask, and only break down in our closet.

So, to many of us, being vulnerable means being weak and exposed, allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of.

But being vulnerable is really a sign of strength and bravery. It’s about allowing someone else to see us, to see the entire package that is us, including all the curves and rough edges.

It is a sign of complete trust in another human. It is saying “Here I am” and if that trust is given to someone deserving, it’s also responding “I see you. You are safe here. Here I am too”.

Vulnerability can be terrifying, that’s for sure, but it is worth it, and in my experience, it is the only way a strong and deep connection can be made.

Have you ever allowed yourself to be vulnerable?

Please do share.

Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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