I waited… Ajadi…

Poetry Jun 13, 2017

For lovers of poetry…and those who can’t stand it.

Àjàdí mi, I waited for you but you never came
You left with the promise of your return
Àjàdí my warrior…
The day the war started was a sad day
You told me not to worry, that the war wouldn’t last
And I believed you
But you were wrong Àjàdí…
You never were, but this time, you were wrong
Àjàdí, the day the letter arrived was worse than the news of the war
I looked into your eyes… ‘what did the letter say?’, my eyes must have asked
Àjàdí, you smiled sadly like the warrior you are
I must fight, you said
The leaders had summoned you
Àjàdí, you refused to run away with me
A warrior never runs, you say
You left…you went to battle
Àjàdí! You left with your father’s sword
You said it would bring you luck
You left me with your mother’s ring
You said it would bring me comfort
Àjàdí, I wore the ring, I still do
I also wear that locket, the one I gave to you
You gave it back to me to hold,
You said Àjàdí always come back for what is his
But Àjàdí…you never did
Your beautiful smile is still etched in my mind
Your warm embrace, I clearly remember
I still wear the locket close to my heart
The very spot I kept you…
But I must go now
Àlàó has come to marry me…
Farewell Àjàdí Iko omo olokun esin


Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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