I’m Married Now, Ajadi…

Poetry Feb 8, 2018

Ajadi mi, the wedding is over now
I have become Alao’s wife.
He is a good man, Ajadi…
He takes care of me; he even lets me keep your locket
He says he will never try to take your place
But his family do not understand it
They say Ajadi is gone, throw away the locket
They do not understand our love, Ajadi
They do not know that you are not really gone
That you live right in my heart
They all say I don’t love Alao
But I do…and Alao knows it
He is my miracle, Ajadi
When you left, you left with the light
But Alao brought it back…he made it brighter
Alao, omo akin…Alao,opomulero moja ale kan.
Ajadi mi, did you know that Alao has always loved me?
I never knew… but maybe you did
You always know everything.
I remember your eyes…always twinkling with mischief.
He loved me from the start…since we were children
You knew that, didn’t you Ajadi?
But he knew of our love…so he remained mute.
Ajadi, before I get carried away by tales you already know
I must tell you that the wedding was beautiful
I felt you smiling down at me…urging me to keep dancing
And I did dance Ajadi…as much as my two left legs allowed
I remember how you thought me to dance
It was the day of the King’s Dance at the Village Square
I told you I had two left legs…
But you smiled and said that they were a gift from Olodumare.
I danced to Alao’s house… the village women danced with me too
But they would not let me enter the house…
Arike poured water on my feet… they said it was for good luck
So my legs will bring good fortune to Alao
Ajadi, I did not meet Alao in his room
The women told me it was tradition
They say he to whom a wife is being brought never peeps…that Alao will come soon
Oh Ajadi, I must go now
My Husband is back from the farm…


Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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