Tolulope Inspire Poetry Aug 29, 2020

Hello there!
Who? Me?πŸ˜’
Yes you on this journey of life😌
How are you doing? 😊
How are  you holding up?☺
Have your mental capabilities been stretched recently? 😰
Or it's your emotional strength that has been drained ?😒
Or it just feels like you are a ball being kicked around by life's CR7?😭
Or wait a minute, you may be on a 20/20πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ
With all the right vibes πŸ₯³
With all the positivity in the world right now😁
Whosoever you are right now ,
Whatsoever your experience is right now
Whatever part of the journey you are in
This is a soft reminder to let you know that life is in Phases
So you had better live life

P.S: Love and Light Always

Tolulope Inspire

A lover of life and it's creator, my motto is Viva La Vida

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