Kirikiri Diary (12)

Stories Apr 28, 2020

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Dear Father,

I write to you knowing that the day has come when you will read this. My heart is full just thinking about home and the hot Amala that awaits me.

I look around this place that I’ve become my home for the past months, happy to leave the leaking roof behind yet sad and wishing I could do more for the few friends who have become my family here.

They immediately gathered around me as soon as I came in earlier eager to hear what happened in court today. I told them I was going home, that it was a good day but Senator insisted I tell the full story as I wait to be cleared. So I did.

I told them of the Police attempts to keep me here. I told them that the Prosecutor said that the IPO had visited and confirmed my alibi but that they have other reasons to believe that I had committed the crime. I told them how our lawyer stood up and told the Judge that the alibi I provided proved that I was far away from where Blessing was found and that I couldn’t have been there at the time of her death. I told them how he reminded the Judge that the Police have no other evidence except the words of the neighbours who witnessed my ugly fight with the neighbours. I told them how the Prosecutor jumped up and told the Judge that I threatened to kill Blessing and that they have many witnesses who heard it.

I told them about the sudden relief I felt when the Judge said that my fight with Blessing and my threat was not enough to prove that I had indeed killed her. I told them of the tears of joy; mine and yours when he added that since the prosecution has no other evidence, and my alibi was confirmed, the case against me was dismissed and I was free to go.

They were happy for me Father. I saw it in the way their faces light up; my freedom gave them hope that theirs was possible.

Everyone hugged me and made me promise never to forget them. Senator asked that I pay a visit to his family, and perhaps help teach his sons how to be men. The others asked that I simply visit them sometimes and bring them news of the world.

It’s been a good day, and I’m happy. Yet, I couldn’t help but think about Blessing and how full of life she had been when I last saw her. If I had known her life would soon be cut short, perhaps, our last exchange would have been less heated. Today, with my life no longer on the line, I see her face clearly. I wonder who killed her, and why. I wonder if she had looked for the trouble that took her life, or if the trouble had simply sought her out. I wished they had given her a second chance though, perhaps another punishment, rather than taking her life. But more than that, I hope that she found rest in death.

As I prepare to leave here with nothing but the cloth on my back and this diary, I have no plans, yet I’m hopeful for the future. Perhaps, after eating Amala and sleeping on a well laid mattress, a plan would surface.

Thank you for everything Father. You were my back bone.

I think I hear the warders calling. The wait is over, I will see you outside in a minute.

Love always,

Your son,

The End.

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Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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