Kirikiri Diary (4)

K.E.D is the annual Kirikiri Entertainment Day. He said it was an important day and the competiton will be done in groups.

Kirikiri Diary (4)

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Dear Father,

I am smiling as I write to you tonight. Seeing you yesterday brought me so much joy. Your wise words gave me the much-needed strength and that discussion we had, gave me hope. I’m still wondering why the warders gave us so much time and privacy to talk. Senator told me you must have given them some money. Did you Father?

I have decided to keep writing to you, believing that you will read them all when I come home.

Father, today has been a good day. I’ve laughed more today than I have since the day I got here.

Just after you left yesterday, drama ensued.

We were all summoned to the ’common area’ which is just a shed opposite the Chief warder’s office. It is where we all converge whenever the ’authorities’ want to pass across ’important’ information.

After a while, the Chief, as we all call the ’bossman’ came out smiling. Many of us exchanged glances, as we wondered at the Chief’s unusual happiness. Still smiling, he told us that the next day was K.E.D and that we have the rest of the day to practice for our talent show.

Although I didn’t know what it meant, the excited whispers of the other inmates assured me that it was nothing bad.

Senator quickly whispered to me as we dispersed that K.E.D is the annual Kirikiri Entertainment Day. He said it was an important day and the competition will be done in groups. He immediately dragged me to his quarters, calling other people to join us as we walked past. I was a part of his group whether I wanted or not.
Father, I think if Senator had known that I had no talent, he probably would have let me be. You should have seen his face when he realised my singing voice could only compete with frogs and that I had two left legs which made meaningful dancing impossible for me.

He finally gave up and accepted that I could only excel among the supporters’ club.
Every group practiced well into the nights and continued as early as possible today.
Father, K.E.D is a big deal here.

Anyone watching the seriousness of the preparation from the outside would think the winning group would be given back their freedom or at least special treatment. Can you believe the winning price is just a bragging right? But from the inside, I understand that it is more than winning. Our lives are regulated and daily living has become routine, so anything that provides something different is always welcomed. And today, K.E.D is that thing, it gave every one of us something to focus on aside from our lack of freedom.

The show itself was more fun than I expected Father. I saw genuine talents but more than those, were the many grown men who refused to accept that neither a bone nor a single vein in their body has talent.

Sakiru was the worst of all. I still chuckle as I remember his struggle earlier today on the K.E.D stage. Father, all you need to do is to imagine a drowning cat, screeching and trying to scream, then imagine that sound with a microphone. That was exactly how he sounded. I laughed until my eyes were teary. I heard his group leader, President complaining that Sakiru swore he was a great singer but refused to practice saying that he was protecting his voice as it easily cracks.

It was just a fun night father, and just like yesterday, I'm going to sleep tonight with a smile.

Tell my mother that the jollof rice won the hearts of the warders, they have become my friends, at least until someone offers them something better.
I will expect your visit again. I hope your lawyer friend will be able to help as you assured me.

Send my love to my sisters.

Till we see again.
Your son.

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