Love Notes and Letters

Thoughts May 6, 2020

‌Writing this, Christina Perri's - A thousand years is playing in the background‌. Was it planned? nope! a colleague is playing it for her own listening pleasure and so we get to talk about love notes.

‌Handwritten letters tickle my fancy, I know it's the fourth industrial revolution, and we are all supposed to be "techy", notepad applications such as the one I'm using to document this right now is the go-to.

‌I document my essential thoughts the traditional way, in a journal with a pen and my hand (😁). I also document in notepad applications when I'm on the go.‌

‌But handwritten notes or letters 😍 are like seashells from the beach for me, little treasures. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, everyone is entitled to what tickles their fancy.

‌I am waiting patiently for my lover's letters and notes of love to me, oh! well he can always send them digitally (make me blush whilst staring at my phone, ☺️😚)


‌‌"Hello there lover", if you want to tickle this baby girl's fancy or take it to the extreme, make me melt like sugar to caramel ☺️😋😚, I hope to see little love notes and letters beneath the door, on my dresser, beneath the salt shaker, and maybe just maybe under my PC with its little edge sticking out😋😋.‌

‌‌I would love to hear from you. What works for you, Digital notes or, handwritten notes?

P.S: Love and Light Always

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