May I kiss you? Or Is that Awkward?

Pillow Talk Feb 12, 2021

I cannot remember ever been asked this question. But I think asking will only be awkward if you misread the ‘kiss me’ vibe that comes just before a first kiss?

Really, I think a first kiss usually just happens. Of course, you see it coming and I'm talking about couples who are in a consensual relationship.

But I think asking should not be abnormal, especially since it can easily save us a lot of troubles in this day of #Metoo. It can also save everyone from the awkwardness that follows a wrong guess. If she/he’s not into you, you can at least walk away with some dignity.

Personally, I’ll say make sure you read the signs well, lean in slowly and go for it. But asking, when done rightly can create an unusual but perfect mix of romance and sexiness, especially if it's coming from 'the one'.

What do you think? Ask? or just go for it?

*Originally published 29 May 2020


Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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