Messy, Yet Beautiful...

“Life is so messy, maybe the messiest of all, but if you look hard enough, you will see the beauty”

Messy, Yet Beautiful...

“Look at this beauty”
Adisa said to me, pointing at a painting on the wall of the art gallery. I looked but I couldn’t see the beauty, all I saw was a colourful mess. It seemed to me like the work of a child who splashed all the colours in his newly acquired poster colour on a canvas. I just didn’t get what beauty Adisa saw and I told him so.

He smiled; the kind of smile that tells you he knows something you don’t.
He said to look again,

“look beyond the mess, and look at the splash of colour”.

So, I looked again, this time, really hard. I squinted my eyes; just maybe I will see something different. And I did.

I saw colours, so many of them, but I also saw how they ran into each other, I saw for the first time, the work of an artist, not a messy child.

“It is a beauty”
I couldn’t help but say and Adisa grinned, happy I finally saw what I needed to.

So, Adisa led me to a seat facing the painting. He said the painting was his favourite because it reminds him of life itself.

“Life is so messy, maybe the messiest of all, but if you look hard enough, you will see the beauty”
he started.

“You see” he continued,

“we are those splash of colours you first saw, all so different yet co-existing on that canvas. Somehow our lives just like the colours are intertwined, and together we make such a beautiful mess.”

He then looked me in the eyes and said

“As awesome as you are, if everyone was like you, life will be so different and maybe monotonous. So, never forget that all you have been through and those who have hurt you are what made you and your story so unique. It made your path more difficult and your life messy, but all you need to do is take a second glance, a very long second glance and you will see the beauty”.

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