Never White or Black...

Poetry Aug 24, 2017

They say all Ijebu men are naturally stingy and Adedeji is an Ijebu prince.

They say Chinedu’s ‘greedy’ love for money is an Ibo trait

They say Yoruba men are lazy, that their wives feed them, so let’s leave Akanni alone to sleep and eat.

They say Danladi was once humble, that it is the money that changed him.

But…but I’m confused…

Adelani’s wife complained that he has given all they have to charity
And he is Ijebu, the heir to the throne at that…
Why is Emeka not greedy? Perhaps he is not Ibo enough
Okunlola overfeeds his three wives, yet he is an Oyo man

So… what if Adelani is stingy just because he is
Maybe Chinedu is greedy just because…
and Akanni is just a man that is lazy
They say money takes the character of its owner, so maybe Danladi didn’t really change…

Defining people by where they come from only creates stereotypes
Maybe People are simply just people… with rough edges and imperfection.  Maybe we are the way we are just because we are human… human with differences…

Life is never black or white, there are grey and multi coloured patches on its edges.
So, accept and understand others… flee from stereotypes who justify vices on the alter of tribe.


Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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