Men are not there to be used and making a man feel used will always backfire.


Men are so bad! Very immature! No respect for women!

That’s all we seem to be wasting our roundtable discussion on. We forget to have a round table discussion on how disappointing and unladylike some ladies have become.

I can’t help but think maybe some wires were not joined right, or some nuts were simply not properly screwed, or what other defects aside from these can be the reason why a beautiful (educated or not) young lady becomes helpless the moment she gets into a relationship; she can no longer afford her school fees, feeding becomes a problem, and paying her rent becomes an insurmountable ‘wahala’. All of her needs must be taken care of by the boyfriend.

Just the other day, I overheard a lady’s phone conversation. She was talking about her friend and how kind and helpful she had been to her, giving her all she asks for without a second thought, not even making her miss the fact that she had no boyfriend (for a second, I thought she wanted to say, parents).I wonder which of the wires in her brain wasn’t joined right or was it an unscrewed nut.

This right here is why men will not respect you. No one prays for liability; everyone wants an asset. So, if you continue treating your boyfriend as a cash machine, I might as well tell you that he will soon get to a breaking point, and you will be searching for a new machine. You better believe it, it happened to my friend, Omoge.

Omoge is one girl I could have sworn has all her nuts screwed, and her wires properly joined, considering her beauty and sophistication. It turns out I was wrong. She invited me and our other friends to the cinema weeks ago. She wanted our squad of 6 to meet and see a movie.

You can imagine my surprise when Omoge introduces all 5 of us to a young man she said was her boo. The relationship was just about three months, so we all had not met him.
I looked at my friend, questioning her with my eyes. I wanted to know exactly what was going on and why ‘Mr boo’ was crashing our girl time. She rolled her eyes and smiled, then informed all 5 of us to order whatever we want…her boo was going to pay. I saw the surprise on the young man’s face before he quickly covered it up, smiled and assured us it was fine. It was then I realised that we were the date crashers. We had crashed their date. He wasn’t expecting Omoge to come with friends.

He paid for the tickets, the popcorn, and drinks. Omoge was beside him as a doting girlfriend. At the end of the day, after he had left, we all asked our dear friend what she was thinking inviting us like that, and making him spend money he had not planned for. Omoge didn’t see our point. She felt it was a boyfriend duty. There was no point in arguing with her; it was obvious she wouldn’t agree.

Anyways, about two weeks later, her boo started avoiding her, he was always busy anytime she suggests they go out. He did that for a while before breaking off the relationship.

Now, she is here sulking and complaining about the cruelty of men, instead of focusing on how to reconnect her wires properly and screw the loose nuts. Omoge has not learnt her lesson; she still can’t see that her boyfriend is not there to carry all her responsibilities.

Men are not there to be used and making a man feel used will always backfire. I hope she learns this soon…before it is too late. I hope you do too.

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