Our Friend, Ojúloge...

...frolicking with the boss will only get you to the top, just as it has, but it won’t keep you there

Our Friend, Ojúloge...

Ojúloge!!! What happened to you? When they advised you to use what you have to get what you want, they were not talking about your body.

I was so proud of you when I heard how far the ladder you have climbed, all within these few years. In fact, I told all our friends about your great achievement. I told them how much of an inspiration you are to all those who dare to dream. Some of them insisted you had to be sleeping with someone at the top, for that was the only way you could rise so fast. I didn’t agree with them. Ojúloge! I defended you. I insisted that our friend Ojúloge would never do that.

But you have shamed me Ojúloge!!!!!! You are sleeping with your boss!!!!

Ojuloge, when did you become this person? Who told you that sleeping with your boss is the way to achieve success? Why have you proved the people who stereotype successful women right? You are such a beautiful and smart woman, why did you stoop this low to use your femininity in such a despicable manner.

He is even a married man, Ojúloge! Another woman’s husband! And I know you will never take such. So, now that you are at the top, I hope you are happy. Enjoy the ‘happiness,’ enjoy the power this position gives you, and enjoy warming your boss’ bed.

But never forget this! You see how fast you rose to the top? You will be back at the bottom much faster than that. You see that married boss of yours? He will not leave his wife for you; he will throw you out like yesterday’s trash.

Oh No! My dear friend, I’m not cursing you, I’m just delivering karma’s message. Oh! And karma also would like me to tell you that frolicking with the boss will only get you to the top, just as it has, but it won’t keep you there.

I hope you decide to change your ways Ojuloge. Stop enjoying the ride that won’t take you to the right destination.

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