Our Little Hero, Adigun

Our Little Hero, Adigun

Ajadi mi, I saw Adigun today
Adigun, our little hero
I met him on my way from the gbewiri stream this morning
He was coming from the bush
Ajadi mi, our little hero is now a man…

A strong and handsome hunter…just like his brother

He was carrying a big Antelope… he says it was the blessing of the gods
Adigun looked so much like you today
He was wearing your cloth
He says his brother’s spirit is always with him

He says you had always protected him…that you never stopped even though you were gone
I always feel your spirit too Ajadi…
You still follow me around…like you always do
I can almost hear your denial again

When will you admit the truth Ajadi?
Remember how we met?
Our Little hero would not stop crying…
He would not stop scratching his body

And you would not stop telling him to be a man…and wait till you get home
I remember knowing exactly what was wrong…that all he needed was red oil
I remember you smiling at me as I rubbed his body with my mother’s oil
Ajadi mi, you never went away till that dreaded war

You were always there anywhere I turn… smiling…always
Ajadi mi, my mother fell in love with you…right after falling in love with your bushmeat…the one you bring every day
You were showing love…you say
Even though all I wanted was a word from you…

Ajadi mi, you captured my heart from the first day I saw you
You do not know this Ajadi …our wedding day was the day I would have told you
But fate never allowed it
I saw you months before that fateful day…

The Village Night Market…it was a night of a full moon… just like that night we first danced
You came with your mother…
I saw you standing tall… behind her
You stood like a protector…yet helping like a son would

It was a perfect blend of what a man should be…
I stood staring… but you never looked
I was captured…but you were not…until that day
Ajadi mi, it was fate…or maybe the gods who brought us together

It was fate…or maybe the gods who took you from me too
But our love was a great one…
Ajadi, your brother told me our mother had fallen ill
I must go quickly and see her….

But I must cook first….
My Alao will soon be home…

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