Our Mother's Love...

Our Mother's Love...

Ajadi mi, our mother is well
It was just fever, so do not worry.
She misses you every day, Ajadi
…like we all do.

Do you remember when I first met your mother?
I was not prepared… you lied to me she was not home
I remember she was cooking… it was gbegiri soup.
It was the day I knew of your love for Abula.

‘No one comes between Ajadi and his Abula’, She had said smiling at you fondly
Ajadi, mother’s golden boy…
I remember you held my hand, handed it over to her
I remember the light in her eyes as she asked ‘Is this my wife?’

Her radiant smile as you said ‘Yes’ , I can never forget
It made me feel welcomed
Your mother became mine that day, Ajadi

I love her, almost as I love you
Ajadi, do you remember the conversation Mother had with me?
The one I wouldn’t share with you on our way back to my house
Ajadi mi, Mother told me she saw me at the Village night market

She saw me standing and staring at you.
Our mother saw it all, Ajadi
She said there was love in my eyes…she saw the disappointment when you wouldn’t look

Mother said she prayed to the gods to make us happen… and the gods heard.
Ajadi, do you know I have not visited her in ages…  not since you were laid to rest
I was afraid I would add to her sadness
But Mother was happy to see me

She said even though you were gone, that she is still a mother to me
Our Mother prayed for me Ajadi…
That the gods will bless me with Children
I hope the gods heard… for it’s been 3months since Alao came to marry me

Ajadi, I have not missed my monthly visitor… not even once
But Alao is patient… he says 3months is not long… that the gods will do it
But his family Ajadi….
I feel their eyes on me…judging me

I know they wonder if you had taken my ‘pride’
Ajadi mi, they know not of your integrity
But Alao assured them that he met me ‘right at home’…. untouched
I cannot tell if they believed or not

But Ajadi, the gods must answer soon… before Alao loses his patience.
Let me hurry and prepare for the night
I’m sure Alao awaits his nightly pleasure…

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