Our Strong Love…

Our Strong Love…

Is it enough? maybe it is… maybe not… You decide! Oh! and let me know your thought…
Àlàní mi…

Àlàní okunrin takun takun
The day we met was magic
Do you remember?
I remember like it was yesterday

You saw me and I saw you
From across the park
Your mother had convinced you to go to the trade fair with her
Iya Àlàní… always determined in her ways

That determination was the reason we met
Every girl was looking at you…
My friend, Àbẹ̀ní would not stop talking about you…
about your big beautiful eyes that lights up when you smiled

I noticed it too… your eyes… so simple, yet so beautiful
Remember, our second meeting?
It was 2months after the first
We met on my way to the market

I saw you… you saw me
When you smiled at me… I felt it
I felt the butterflies Àbẹ̀ní always talked about
They were right there in my stomach

I felt them more each time you smiled
When you asked to be my friend,
I couldn’t say No…so I said yes
You would not leave my thought Àlàní

Every day, I think about you
Maybe it was love…it must have been…
Then you said you loved me
And I believed you

The day my father gave my hand to you was a bright one
Your grin was like a Cheshire cat…we were happy
You looked at me like I was magic
You promised my father that you would take care of me

And you did…
Just last night, you told me what I already knew… that you love me
Today, Àbẹ̀ní came boasting that you are her lover
I told her my Àlàní loves me… as much as I love him

I told her of our strong love
She said Love is not enough
Was she right, Àlàní?

Is our love really not enough?

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