Tolulope Inspire Thoughts Jul 28, 2020

In an increasingly busy world, it has become rare to see anyone sitting all by themselves, without a headphone or even a book. I guess there are just too many things to get done, which leaves little or no time for a ‘me time’.

I recently found myself craving quietness, or maybe stillness, just that feeling of quiet peace. But every time I sit quietly, I find myself answering the same kind questions multiple times; Are you okay? Why are you sitting by yourself? I guess the questions are to be expected though, especially in the light of depression, and mental health awareness.

Quietness and Stillness. Oh! What bliss! Image Source: Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

But craving quietness is not always a sign of depression and as long as no one is staring into space blankly, it may not be a reason to worry. Quietness can be a good thing, and in a restless world, taking the time to sit still, enjoy the peaceful quiet, and reflect can be therapeutic.

Do not be surprised when your soul calls for a break from all the life-demanding, ‘necessary’ activities. It sometimes gets too much and even the soul needs to recoup as much as the body.

With stillness and quietness comes insights and clarity on areas you may be struggling with. Often, ideas and insights do not always come from doing the very activities which you need the insights on but at odd times when you are not even ruminating over what to do.

So, practise quietness and stillness. Learn to be comfortable at your core, learn to be comfortable with your thoughts, whether you are meditating, or speaking to your creator, or reflecting on your journey, or simply reminiscing.

And never forget, when your soul yearns for this quietness and stillness, please listen.

P.S: Love and Light Always

Tolulope Inspire

A lover of life and it's creator, my motto is Viva La Vida

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