Soon... Ajadi

Soon... Ajadi

Ajadi mi, you will never know how much I have missed writing to you
I know you must have wondered about my silence
It was not my fault, Ajadi
My husband was angry…
Oh! I have never seen Alao so angry

He saw my diary… he wasn’t happy that I still write to you
My Alao shouted at me that day… he had never done that Ajadi
“Ajadi is gone…let him go!!!” he kept shouting
He said it was unfair that I still write to you

But I tried to explain that you were my best friend, and we never keep secrets
He didn’t understand Ajadi…
Alao said I should talk to him instead
He sounded so sad…my husband sounded so tired

I am confused… for I love Alao dearly and I told him so
I also told him that writing to you keeps me sane
But he said he would not compete with you…that he couldn’t
What do I do now Ajadi?

It’s been a month now, but things are no longer the same
Alao is withdrawn… I see the sadness… I see the uncertainty
How do I assure him of my love for him?
How do I tell him he is my miracle?

How do I explain that you will always be a part of me
But that he needs not compete…
For he is my only Alao, and you were my only Ajadi…
I hope the gods teach me what to do…to make my Alao happy again

I will start with his favourite food…let me go prepare it
Ajadi mi, I may write to you soon…only if I can

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