By Adepeju Answer Adeosun

She swept her eyes through the waiting room, she gasped at the number of people sitting on the long benches waiting to consult a doctor. I wonder where Dayo gets the energy to do all this, running his own clinic and still working here! She was jotted back to reality by the loud laughter of two guys standing at the table where cards were being written. She shrugged.

After a while, the ‘card writing lady’ started calling out names and divided them into three groups. She faced Enitan’s group and asked them to follow her, they were taken to a different building where the lady started calling names again and asked them to sit according to the names being called. When she was done she told them Dr. Akindele will attend to them according to the way they were seated.

Enitan smiled but the smile vanished when she realised the guys who were laughing loudly few minutes ago at the general waiting room were seated in such manner that they would be the first two to see the doctor.

“Excuse me lady, errmmm… these guys just came not quite long and you told me we will be seeing the doctor according to…”

“And in what way do you have a problem with that?” one of the guys asked standing to face her squarely.

“Really? Are you seriously asking me that question? Some of these women and men have been here since heaven-knows-when and you think you are doing the right thing by bribing your way in?” She was already causing a scene.

The other guy stood up to pacify the one already standing. “Guy! Free am! This one na small pickin nah, she no reach my last born age sef…no dey exchange words with am…na woman!…”

Enitan was boiling with anger “I can’t believe this, you know what? You both are not real men because real men will own up to whatever they have done. You have done something wrong by cheating these people, by swapping cards and you still don’t want to accept your fault, have you no conscience? And you’re not being honest…”

Both guys went back to their seats ignoring her. “No mind am, because one mad man don dey deceive am,dey give am peanut money, she don dey carry fake bag, wear fake shoe, put fake make up for face, she don dey feel important.”

The other guy responded. “No mind am, she dey feel important, if your papa get money wetin you dey find for government hospital…if e no be say the tin wey I wan do na government hospital dem compulsory for us, wetin I go dey find here. This slut com dey do mouth anyhow, mouth wey no get value…”

Enitan tried to voice her opinion, the guys kept ignoring her, they kept hurling abusive words at her and were having a good laugh, they were obviously enjoying taunting her. She had to leave angrily. It was a nasty scene.


Enitan literarily ran into the boardroom. Although her father kept her in charge of all matters and everyone answers to her but she doesn’t lord it over anyone.

“I’m sorry I’m late…good morning everyone…so shall we begin?”

“Excuse me ma… during the last meeting you said the new recruits will be meeting the board… ”

Enitan cuts in “oh yeah, I’m sorry I was not around during the whole process… what is the latest news on recruitment?”

Her P.A stood up. “We are through with all the process, we actually needed two recruits and I assure you we selected the best two; a male and a female since we are trying to breach gender inequality, in fact they have been asked to go for medical fitness and obtain a medical fitness certificate. Once they have proven to have a clean bill of health, we will then make their employment official by giving them their letters of appointment.”

“Alright, that is fine by me and I trust you guys judgment…please do usher them in.”

The boardroom door was opened and closed, Enitan looked up from her phone to the two new recruits, she smiled at the new lady, lo and behold the new guy was one of the guys hurling abusive words at her yesterday at the hospital.

Mischievous smile played on Enitan’s lips. The guy’s heart jumped into his mouth. “Chai! Bushmeat don catch hunter.” Finally, Enitan spoke “This guy right here is a perfect example of dishonesty, a dishonest fellow and I don’t want someone like him in my company, If you can’t be faithful with card you can’t be faithful with cash. In fact, I don’t want you anywhere near my dad’s business. Young man you may leave.”

The room went quiet. Enitan spoke again “Y’all may not understand what is going on here but I want everyone present in this boardroom today to always remember that honesty is the best policy.

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