The Double S....

Poetry Jul 27, 2017

For those who were strong enough to let go…. and to you who need the strength…

I love you… but the double S won’t let us be
You say it doesn’t matter…
that the chances are low
But it really matters…
you forget that low or high, the chances are still there
Love is not selfish, never forget
and the double S is painful
What will our love do when the pain comes?
The fight… Oh! I can almost hear our unending argument
What will happen to our love then?
Won’t our sweet love turn sour under the weight of stress and struggle?
Let me go
The pain we feel now will pass
It is the pain of loss… the loss of a love that could have been
But the pain of the double S will never pass… it is forever
We will watch helplessly
We will pray tearfully
We will blame our selves for the pain…
A pain that could have been avoided.
I must go.. you must let me go
Holding on will only cause greater pain
The double S has spoken
It has warned us…
It has made our love forbidden
And we must listen
For the sake of them who the double S is waiting to strike


Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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