The Hidden Figures...

We all have them…even though we have long forgotten.

The Hidden Figures...

If I were to write a story of my life; of where I have been and where I am, there are characters that will feature prominently but there are also ones who I will not remember to add. They are the hidden figures in my life; often forgotten even though they shouldn’t be, for they are very important.

The Hidden figures in our lives are always at the background, they ask for nothing, but we owe them a lot.

I remember my primary school teacher who first took the pain to teach me how to write these letters that now flow freely under my fingers. My friend who lent me the very first storybook I read…it was that book that opened my eyes to the possibilities of art and imagination.

I often forget the kind youth corper who inspired me with his words without even knowing… I wonder where he is now. My brother, the one who encouraged me not to give up, I remember the many WASSCE nights that he sat awake urging us to read more.

So I have learnt to appreciate and remember my quiet supporters, they do not ask to be known, they may not even remember what they did but they have left indelible marks behind.

We all have them…even though we have long forgotten. So anytime it crosses your mind to say you are self-made or when someone compliments you on how well you have done for yourself, remember the hidden figures in your life and tell those people about them…tell them about the figures who though may always stay hidden, have helped you figure it out along the way… for that is the least they deserve.

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