The Lie Behind The Diamond Ring

Poetry Aug 11, 2017

By Damilare Awe

It really isn’t a ring
It’s a deceit wrapped around your finger
One that is bound to block all suitors that will come your way

Stop chasing wind with this liar
He knows the stones aren’t real
How have you not seen he is playing you?
After I told you he said my fake eyebrows takes his breathe away
After you caught him with the girl he said was his sister but they speak different languages
Take a look at the ring and tell me what you see
Doesn’t it remind you of the rings your niece and nephew see in their surprise bags?
I meant it when I said he wasn’t any good for you
But you wouldn’t listen because he reminds you of the guy we saw in that soap opera that night
But I’ve got news for you my friend,
What will you do when you hear what I have to say to you?
Sit tight and take a deep breathe
Don’t move or you will pass out
Can you hear the wedding bells coming from that church?
It’s his wedding day…
And now that he is getting married
In the church behind your house
The one he said he wouldn’t be caught getting married in
With his friends that’s tagged you with different names
What will you do?
When you realize you can’t trust anyone
As I have told you several times
But you were too blind in love to see
What happens to you now?
Do not look at me like we are in this together
I have no time to play your escort
What happens now that you know he’s getting married?
More so, what happens when you find out who the bride is?
How do I put it to you mildly?
Not all teeth shone at you means you well
How do I make you see?
That the truth has been within your reach all along
How do I explain without shattering your heart?
Truth is, I have got no time
I have a wedding to attend
One in which if I do not show up it wouldn’t hold
While I would love to sit here and hold your hands
Pretend all is well when all isn’t
At this point I have to drop the knife
One that has been stabbing you for a long time now
Do you understand? Never trust anyone so I have got to go,
I’m needed in that old church behind your house
Where the wedding is taking place
I have a part to play
One that everyone tags a bride.
Now will you help me get into my wedding dress?
For I am the bride and the man of your dreams
Is the one that holds my reality.


Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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