Thirty - Chapter 10

Stories Feb 23, 2021

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Huh, I hate this meeting, I thought, fiddling with my pen for the umpteenth time.

Mondays are always the worst, no thanks to the long morning meeting. From biblical admonition to multiple quotes by men who were long dead, the MD, Mr. Adisa never stutter. At first, it was funny, especially with his dramatic gesticulations, and his unpolished accent, but it soon became a horrendously boring ordeal no one looks forward to.

I looked around the table at the blank expression of my co-workers, only the Secretary seems to be listening, and she has to because Mr. Adisa would expect all he said to be captured in the minute.

This man does not know when to stop, I thought, covering yet another yawn. So smart, yet can’t keep his mouth diarrhea, as Lolu called it, in check.

Huh, what do I even eat after this meeting now?

My phone suddenly vibrated on the table signaling a Whatsapp message. I fired up my already sleeping laptop, welcoming the distraction.

Lover: Hey babe

I read the message from Lolu, biting hard on the inside of my lower lip to stop the stupid smile that is threatening to escape. Being caught smiling by Mr. Adisa during his passionate speeches is a sure way to ensure a shitty week.

Me: Mr. Williams, you do remember I’m in a meeting right?

Lover: I know, and that’s the very reason I’m here to save you. I won’t live up to that Lover title if I don’t bring some sunshine into your otherwise boring Monday meetings.

Me: How kind. Wait, how did you know what I saved your name with?

Lover: Well, a magician never gives away his secrets.

Me: Ohoh, sorry Mr. Magician. I’m changing your name to magician asap.

Lover: I bet you will forget by the end of the meeting. It’s not like you can do it now,

Me: gosh, I talk too much… why on earth did I tell you I chat on my laptop during these long meetings? I must like torture.

Lover: You secretly do love my kind of torture. It is the sweet type, right babe?

Me: Leave me jare… I’m in danger of smiling, and that won’t turn out well.

Lover: Tell them Omololu Williams is in the building. If they still ask who, simply says he’s the devilishly handsome man who makes your heart flutter *winks*

Me: I’m mentally choking with all the cockiness oozing out of my laptop

Lover: Babe, I’m a hot commodity o, but the prophet is never respected in his town anyway, so I won’t allow your words to hurt me.

Me: Don’t you have work?

Lover: This is the thank you, I get for doing good? I hate you!

Me: Yeah, you love me.

Lover: I don’t know what you mean o. *Smile* Call me when your meeting is over, there’s something I want to discuss with you, okay?

Me: What? You know I don’t like suspense

Lover: I know, but it’s fun to watch your brain wheels turn so much *laughing*

I sat staring at the screen for a few more seconds, before accepting that no more message was coming in. Typical Lolu, I thought. Very annoying guy.

It’s been a few months since we shared our first kiss and things have been smooth, sometimes I think too smooth. We seemed so in-tuned and we can talk for hours without running out of ideas. Overall, all is well in our world, well, all except Lolu’s constant need to tease me. I think he derives so much satisfaction.

“Teniola,” I heard a colleague call my name. “Welcome back to earth,” she said smirking. I grimaced as I quickly picked up my laptop to join the other already leaving the board room. ‘This guy will not be the death of me,” I mumbled to myself.

*Originally published 8 December 2020


Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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