Thirty - Chapter 20

Something was horribly wrong, I was certain of it. Omololu had been excited to tell his parents about us, and if everything had gone as he expected, he would be telling me all about it.

Thirty - Chapter 20

“Your parents love me,” Omololu gloated, glancing at my waving Parents through the rear mirror. We had just set out on our journey back to Lagos, and my parents had gotten up early to see us off to the car.

The introduction had gone better than I expected, there was no awkwardness, and he had quickly charmed his way into my Parents' heart. My Dad had subtly nodded his approval of him, and the grin my Mum wore was enough evidence of her approval. She had even insisted he stayed at the house rather than at the hotel as he planned. Nothing could dampen my high spirit last night, not even when my mother was hovering, trying to ensure I do not sleep in the guest room with Lolu.

“Well, you did work your full charm on them,” I teased, smiling softly.

“I did, didn’t I?” He laughed. “I love them too, babe. They are cool. And I see what you mean about your Mum. She was grinning so much, I thought she would suggest we get married right there,” He added, making me laugh at his spot-on description of my mother’s excitement.

“She was so excited,” I agreed. “Did you notice she was hovering by the guest room door last night? When I came out, she told me I have to wait to share a room with you till after the wedding. I wanted to ask her which wedding she was referring to, but I just thought why dampen her spirit right?”

“Oh, your Mum is quite the character,” He chuckled, shaking his head. “But I like her, she just wants to see you happy, like any good mother,”

I smiled, nodding in agreement, “That, I can definitely agree with.”

“So, talking about sharing a room, you are coming with me to my place right?” He asked, grinning.

“Ask me again when we are closer to Lagos, maybe by then, I would have forgotten my mother’s advice,” I winked.


“By the way, what was the issue at home?” I asked, halfway into our journey. “The issue you had to sort out at home with your parents, I mean.”

“Oh, that? Nothing to worry about, I’ve got it covered,” He answered simply.

“I’m not worried,” I said, my nose scrunched up. “Just curious,”

“Hmmm,” He grunted in response.

Suspicious, I thought. What could be the problem? Omololu had always been pretty open with me about everything going on in his life, so his reluctance to tell me about whatever was going on now is worrisome

“Okayyyy, I didn’t know we were now keeping secrets,” I muttered minutes after, rummaging through my handbag for a chewing gum

“What are you going on about Teni? I just told you that it’s nothing to worry about,”

“Okay, I heard you” I said, my hands raised in surrender. His tone suggested he was getting frustrated and I knew dropping the subject was my only cause of action.

“Anyway, how did your mission go? Are your Parents in love with me yet?” I grinned, hoping the change in the topic would lighten the sour mood in the car.

“Everything is fine, Teni,” He responded in the same tone.

“No, it’s not,” I said softly, my heart sinking in dread.

Something was horribly wrong, I was certain of it. Omololu had been excited to tell his parents about us, and if everything had gone as he expected, he would be telling me all about it. I had excused his silence on the matter yesterday with the events of the day but his vagueness now confirmed that all was not well.

“Omololu,” I started, speaking calmly. “You met my Parents yesterday, and if you didn’t already guess from the grin plastered on my Mum’s face and my Dad’s pat on your back, they loved you. Now, if something went wrong at your parents', whatever it is, I want to know, I need to know. So speak to me please.”

“Babe, nothing is wrong,” He responded, laughing half-heartedly. “Seriously, it was just a small family issue that I don’t want to talk about right now. Besides, I’ve got it under control.” He added, glancing at me briefly.

I stared at him as he spoke, wanting desperately to believe him, to allay my fears that what we have is not about to be blown apart, but his eyes didn’t match the words coming out of his mouth.

“And why won’t my parents love you when I love you, babe? Don’t worry about it, okay? You will be meeting them soon,” I heard him say, squeezing my hand in assurance.

I sat back, squeezing his hand in return, and willing my heart to hold on.

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