Thirty - Chapter 28

We didn’t get to choose the family we were born into but we get to choose the one we marry into, and only you can make that choice.

Thirty - Chapter 28
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“So, your daddy knows Pastor Adeoti,” Bola repeated for the second time.

“I didn’t stutter now,” I said, rolling my eyes.

This was the first time Bola and I was hanging out since she got married. I had to nag her so many times about how she had abandoned me for a man before we finally found a day and time that worked for us both. Picking our favourite joint for the hang-out was a no-brainer, so here we are, each nursing a glass of orange juice to go with our peppered chicken wings.

“Sorry now,” She laughed, obviously enjoying herself too much. “Your life has just become such a soap opera since I moved out, so don’t blame me for trying to keep up.”

“How is husbandman?” I asked.

“He’s fine, and don’t change the topic,” She raised her brows. “How did your dad know Omololu’s family pastor?”

I sighed, knowing Bola wouldn’t stay off my back if I didn’t tell her everything. So, I started from the trip to Akure, my conversation with daddy, and his unexpected relationship with the pastor.

“Wow, telenovela,” Bola chuckled. “So daddy spoke to the pastor about you?”

“No, he just called to greet him, asked him random questions, and found out where his church was. It was enough to convince him that Lanre and Pastor Adeoti are the same.”

“Smooth,” Bola said, causing me to shrug.

When my dad had called to let me know his Lanre was the pastor I met, I wasn’t even surprised. I had prepared for my life’s current drama to turn more dramatic. But I was grateful that he had refrained from asking any questions about Omololu’s family from the Pastor. I couldn’t help but think it would seem like a desperate move, and according to him, my mum had thought so as well.

I’ll just find another way to find out about that family, I chuckled, remembering Daddy’s words. My dad was anything if not determined, and that’s not even his best qualities, so I'm certain he would find a way. I sat back, resting on the chair’s backrest; my mind was running a mile a minute. Waiting to hear back from the Pastor had not been easy on me. I sometimes think it would be better to give up and walk away now before I become one of those wives who are despised by their husband’s family.

“A penny for your thought?” Bola asked, her expression devoid of any amusement.

“Sorry, I spaced out for a while there,” I smiled, “What would you have done if your in-laws had hated you?”

“Run,” She answered, shrugging as if to say, what else was there. “With my tail between my legs and leave their son alone,”

“That easily?” I asked surprised at the certainty with which she answered.

“No one says it would be easy, Teni. It won’t be. I will cry and sulk for a bit. But I would rather do all that than spend a lifetime fighting a war with in-laws,” She responded, sitting up. “I simply don’t have it in me. I don’t even know how marriages survive such constant battles, and I think believing that my husband will always be there to protect me from his family is unrealistic. There are times he just won’t be there, no matter how much he wished he was,”

I sat back digesting her words. They made sense. I know fighting has a way of taking its toll on people, and I suppose it would be worse having to fight with family. If we force this, I would always be the outsider, the one who came between a son and his parents. It’s not a position I want to be in, I knew that, but it’s also unfair to allow Omololu to put himself in that situation.

“So you think I should cut my losses now and say sayonara?” I said, defeated.

“No no, nope, that’s not what I’m saying at all,” Bola said, gesticulating with her hands.

She took a sip of her juice and continued. “Teni, I would advise you to wait to hear from the pastor first, then decide what to do. Only you can decide this okay? We didn’t get to choose the family we were born into but we get to choose the one we marry into, and only you can make that choice. So, relax, wait to hear from the pastor before making any decision,”

“Hmm, okay,” I nodded, squeezing her hand in gratitude.

“Good,” She smiled broadly. “Now are you ready to plan the biggest event of the year?”

“Huh?” I said, looking at her in confusion. “Which event is getting you this excited? Abi you are pregnant?” I gasped, suddenly excited about planning a baby shower.

“Pregnant kini?” She rolled her eyes. “Husbandman and I are just chilling for now o. So, all the womb watchers will have to wait for a while longer.”

“Bolaaa,” I laughed. “Okay, I’m all ears then. What event are we planning?”

“Your big THREE ZERO now,” She said, dancing on her seat.

“Oh, that,” I said, amused at her excitement. “I don’t have anything big planned, we’ll just go out for dinner, like a double date,” I shrugged.

“At least she has a plan, thank God,” She said, looking up as if speaking directly to God. “But since your birthday is in two weeks when exactly were you planning to tell me about this double date?”

“Sorry, jare. With all the drama around me, I just forgot. But I would have still gotten around to tell you for sure.”

“Well, since you mentioned the drama, I forgive you,” She grinned. “But why not let it be a bigger crowd now, so Mr. W can invite his hot single friends, and I can bring my two sisters-in-law along,” She winked.

“So, you have turned matchmaker too?” I teased. “I just want a simple dinner, that’s it. Besides, Omololu hasn’t even said a word about my birthday, I don’t blame him for forgetting, especially with all that’s going on.”

“Oh, well, you just tell him about the dinner. That would remind him and he can get you a birthday gift and an apology gift,” She grinned. “My sisters-in-law will meet his friends at your wedding,”

I shook my head, chuckling at her positivity. I sure could use some of her faith, I thought.

“Oh, I get to pick the restaurant. See it as an apology for not informing me early enough,” She winked.

“Knock yourself out,” I responded chuckling. I had no idea where to go anyway.

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