Today, On Our Independence

Today as we mark yet another year, let’s remember our strength and dignity

Today, On Our Independence

The green and white are two beautiful colors, and when used together as in our flag, it makes a very happy flag. But the people are anything but happy

They say the green in the flag stands for agriculture and they are right. Our agriculture is very green, but it’s the type of green used to describe someone who is pale and sickly-looking.

They say the white stands for Peace, but our nation is not what comes to mind when one thinks about peace.
No, we are not at war, but our white is splashed in red…. with the red blood of the innocent who have been killed.

Our coat of arms exhumes power and strength. The combination of the horses and eagle is simply genius.

They say the horses represent dignity.
I wonder of whom… for our Leaders have no dignity….they charge into polling centers to steal ballot boxes while we watch….and then they lie about it and about everything else.
Taking us for fools daily, allowing the police and the powers that be quietly but brutally strip us of our dignity.
But like the horse, we prance around proudly, for our dignity is from within. We laugh at oppression and we are not dismayed, we will not stand still, neither would we turn back at the sight of a fight.

They say the eagle represents strength, but it seems ours is the bald eagle whom, given all the acclaimed strength, is too lazy to hunt, always preferring to scavenge the dead, leaving it vulnerable to all sort of hazards and in the process, rendering its strength useless.

But our people are strong or how else do we describe our resilience in the face of hardship.
Like Eagles, we stand out anywhere we are in the world, we do not mix with other birds for we enjoy flying at high altitude.
We stand in the face of brutality trying to strip us of our dignity.
Like the eagles, we never surrender to the size or strength of our prey. We always give a fight to win and to regain our territory.

So, today as we mark yet another year, let’s remember our strength and dignity.
Let’s face fear like the horse and fight to win like the eagle.
Let’s allow our eagle and horses to usher us into a new era… an era where ‘Unity and Faith’ ‘Peace and Progress’ will truly have meaning.

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