Tolulope Inspire Opinion Jun 09, 2020

Vulnerability is something not often talked about, hence, the reason I want to sit "on this table" today.

I'm not surprised that this word is not often thrown around because of how fragile its meaning is and how often it is associated with heartbreak.

But despite our silence about vulnerability, we all at one point or the other, have opened up our hearts and showed people around us our true essence, weaknesses, failures, and the very source of the fragrance that we emit.  So, maybe our silence is because oftentimes, people take advantage of our vulnerability and end up twisting it into a dark tale; one we do not ever want to re-tell or re-live. Or maybe not.

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But here we are today, grown adults walking around with locked barricades, tightly shutting ourselves up so no one can get close enough to see the real us, and perhaps hurt us again.  We are loving and laughing, but we hide behind key-less locks.

I know vulnerability comes with a cost. And as costly as it is, we expect it to come with commitment, trust and sincerity, but a lot of times, it doesn't.

So what do we do? Should we be vulnerable anyway? I think Yes! Let's allow ourselves to be vulnerable especially around those that matter.
But first, let us learn to accept our human frailty and then take little steps to melt the barricades. (this is not making excuses for allowing just anyone mess with our vibes) So, instead of that 6ft 30 inches metal barricades we built around us, let's have healthy boundary lines, expectations and vulnerable moments.

More importantly, Let's never forget that oftentimes, vulnerability is a show of trust, and if someone dare to show us their true essence, be assured it's a sign of honour.

So, here is my perspective; everyone needs to experience vulnerability. Believe me, it is one of the most comfortable feelings in the world.

And if you are on any journey of commitment with another, dare to be vulnerable with each other. And even if that journey ends, I guarantee that you will come out happier and freer.

P.S: Love and Light Always

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