What Do They Really Want?

What Do They Really Want?

What do they really want? She asked me
But I had no answer…
Only many unanswered questions

Alagbe said he loved me… she began
that I was the sugar in his tea
I believed him… so I loved him back
Then, Alagbe said I’m a gem but He cannot marry me… that his mother is unhappy
He was sorry that he took away my 5 years

So, what did you do, I asked
I cried she said
And then I stood up when the water was all out
I dressed up and applied my pancake to continue my journey on the broken road of love.

Then I met Adekoya
Adekoya, the golden boy
He wanted me to trust him, He said he was not Alagbe…and my heart believed him Adekoya loved me, maybe even more than Alagbe ever did
So I opened my heart to him and I loved him back
It was sweet… the broken road finally led me to heaven
Then Ajike came, and Adekoya chose her too
Adekoya was a two-edged sword, He refused to be a cutlass.
But I wouldn’t share… So Adekoya must choose
My golden boy said he was sorry, that I’m a good one but he would not choose.

So, what will you do, I asked
I am still crying…
And I’m asking what they all really want?

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