What's There Not To Like?

What's There Not To Like?

As a little girl, I cared so much about how I was perceived, being liked was very important … and so some of the things I did were influenced by how desperate I was to be accepted and liked.

But somehow I grew from that young girl who so desperately wanted to be liked to a young lady whose answer to ‘Will they like me’ is always ‘what’s there not to like’.

This answer isn’t out of conceit but out of a realization that the only reason I cared so much about whether others liked me or not was because I didn’t like myself enough and so that validation from others mattered to me.

I have since then sat and thought about which of these individuals gave me more peace and security, and it was, of course, the ‘young lady’… the one who grew into her own and finally realized that she was, is and will always be something magical… as long as she sees it.

Now I know that all it takes is a little love from me to ME, and that by simply projecting that love, others will do the same. And for those who don’t… the ones who just do not like me, I have learnt not to be disappointed or worried.

Some people will simply never like me in spite of my best effort and that is okay… it’s not my fault, they are free to feel however they choose to and besides, I have more than enough ‘ME’ love.

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