What’s wrong with Adoption?

Taiwo Ajuwon Pillow Talk Jun 26, 2020
Photo by Annie Marek-Barta / Unsplash

There is a sense of taboo that always comes with the mention of adoption in the African  society. Although we are a communal society where it is not unusual for families to raise children of relatives and friends, adoption is still far from being welcomed with open hands.

Why though? There are many children with no parents and many ‘parents’ with no children, yet our culture tells so many tales of woe and ask many questions when it comes to adoption.

If the society does not ask questions, the religious houses would. If it is not questions of ‘why’, it would be ‘what ifs’. “What if the baby has a hereditary sickness?” “Why do you want to bring a strange child into your home?” “Have you lost your faith?” (as if adoption is a form of contraceptive preventing conception).

So many questions, many of which are linked to the child’s bloodline. So much importance attached to a bloodline! I know bloodline is important but are we not more a function of who raised us and where we were raised, than whose blood we share? After all, if who we are is largely dependent on whose blood we shared, Michael Jackson’s children would be great singers now, and Chinua Achebe’s children, world-renowned authors like their iconic Father.

The truth is it takes more than a shared bloodline to be parents. Being parents is a choice and it doesn't matter whether the child is blood-related or not.

So, what exactly is our society’s issue with adoption especially since God is big on adoption himself (just check your bible).

Why has our culture decided to recognise only one way of becoming parents and ignore others?

What exactly is wrong with adopting?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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