While I've Been Away...

While I was away, what have you been up to?

While I've Been Away...

While I’ve been away, I thought of writing but the words never made it All I got were disjointed words but I found no way to bring them together… I was stuck…
Writing is fun but while I was away, I realized writing is also hard
The constant need to do better… for the words to flow better… then the self-judgment… Is this good enough? Better than the last? Am I even a good writer?

While I was away, my emotions were all over the place.
Tired, angry, frustrated and then a sudden splash of strength and courage… and a heart filled with hope.
So was the emotional cycle I was plunged into.

While I was away, I tried to write… to maybe put the cycle of emotions into words… yet the right words never came
So I gave up…
And I failed myself… I failed you too

I am busy… I convinced myself that was the reason I couldn’t write
But I knew better… I was stuck!

I’m no longer the ’girl’ I was but I’m slowly but steadily rediscovering ’me’
I am dancing and singing…. I’m laughing and loving…
I’m also trying to write… to find a way out of my own head
for the words to flow…followed by ink on paper
Perhaps then, I can write to you again… tell you beautiful tales… real and unreal

So, while I’ve been away, how have you been?
While I was away, what have you been up to?

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