Who Would You Choose?

Pillow Talk Sep 2, 2021

The one who stood by you when you had nothing? Or the one who supported you to become somebody?

A dear friend sent this to me. They wanted to know what y’all think. And so do I.

I know that this question and the entire conversation that usually results from it is nothing new, but for the first time, I actually thought about it, perhaps a little too deep.

My first reaction was to ask, “Why should my options be that limited?” And I think this is because this question itself is based on the premise of marriage and/or relationship being a kind of reward for impact or contribution to a person’s life. I think it’s faulty. There are people we come across who make great impacts but are only meant to be there for a short term, and some, long term, but just as great friends.

So, isn’t it a better option to choose the person whose values align with mine, and with whom I feel most connected to?

I don’t know anyone who wants to wake up to find out that their partner is with them out of a sense of duty or as compensation. I would like to think we all want a partner who chose us because of who we are, and not just what we have done or can do for them.

But it’s not that deep, then it’s simpler — the very idea that they are two different people means one walked away. So, you who walked away, please stay ‘walked away’.

Please share your thoughts below. I’ll really love to read it.


Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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