Thoughts May 19, 2020

Does any word in the English language strike a chord for you?

I understand that the English language might not be the native language of a larger number of our readers, . However, I do hope you have a favorite word. Let me share mine with you.


Yesssssssss, perspective.

Perspective, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, definitely has multiple definitions. I'd be sharing two.

First: "A mental view or prospect" and

Second: "The capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance

I always knew there was a word like that yeah, but did it ever strike a chord? Naah! But hey! seasons come and go. You see, since 2019, I started being intentional about different perspectives on situations and occurrences around me. I have always tried to have more than one perspective on a situation but like I said. I became intentional about having perspectives to any situation in life.

Fast forward to 2020, I see people, I hear their stories, I sometimes have an insight into their journey and I come up with one or two perspectives (well I do this when I can yeah), but for my life and my journey ah! Perspective is essential, for my journey so far, for every high and low, for the multiple paths I have tread, I have gained multiple perspectives and shared some of them too. Little wonder, the world-class gift I'm privileged to share with the universe is named Perspectives.

It's always a delight to hear from you, what's your English word?

P.S: Love and Light Always


Tolulope Inspire

A lover of life and it's creator, my motto is Viva La Vida

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