Kirikiri Diary (6)

Stories Mar 10, 2020

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Dear Father,

Your friend came today, the Lawyer. He is a very pleasant man, nothing like I imagined he would be. The people here recognised him, and the ones who didn’t, immediately became respectful the moment he mentioned his name.

The warders have been looking at me in awe since he left. One of them even asked me how I knew the SAN. I’m wondering about that as well, how do you even know such a man, Father?

He said you told him all that happened but he needed to hear it from me. He asked that I trust him, that only then would I have a chance at justice.

I told him about Blessing, of the relationship I had with her, and that all I knew of her death was what the Police told me when I was arrested.

His demeanor didn't even change, Father. That man would make a great poker player. He said he will apply for bail at my next hearing. He said I should keep the faith, that if I'm lucky, I may come home earlier than I expected.

That man gave me hope, Father. Maybe it was the confidence with which he spoke, or the power he exhumes, every word he spoke took away my worries.

But amidst my new found hope, something worries me still.

The last time I wrote to you, I told you of the heaviness I feel in my soul and of the strong feeling that there was something I was forgetting. I remembered today, just as I was speaking to the lawyer about Blessing.

A day before Blessing died, I had a dream. It was an unusual one. In my dream, I found my belt under the bed, it seemed like I have been looking for that belt for days. As I bent down to drag it from under my bed, I heard a noise from afar off and it kept getting closer. I stood quickly and looked through the window, only to see a crowd of angry people coming towards my house. As I stood in the middle of my room confused and wondering what could have happened, I woke up.

Was that dream a warning of what was to happen? Was there a clue somewhere in that dream that could have helped me then? Could the dream have saved me if I had given it a second thought?

Although I have many questions, remembering that dream lightened my soul.

I must go now, Father.

Tell my mother to keep the faith, tell her your lawyer friend seems like a man who keeps his words.

Till later,

Your Son.

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Taiwo Ajuwon

I am a story teller with a wild mind for creating worlds and bringing ideas to life.

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