Kirikiri Diary (7)

K-Lodge is where everyone with money lives, it’s the best accommodation money can buy here in Kirikiri.

Kirikiri Diary (7)

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Dear Father,

The court date has been set for next week and I am nervous. Your friend sent another lawyer today to inform me. He said I should be prepared, and that he would ask the Judge to let me go home while we continue the trial. He asked that I pray as well, and hope for the best. But, I am afraid to hope; I am afraid my heart may not be able to take the disappointment if the Judge refuses our plea.

I want to come home so badly. I want it as bad as I want my next breath. Fresh air is a luxury here, Father. It’s even worse at night when we all scramble for a little space to lay our heads to sleep. It’s really hard to live like caged animals, packed like sardines in a room that is smaller than my sister, Abike’s room.

But some people here have it better. Those who can afford to pay for a space in the K-Lodge have a semblance of comfort here. K-Lodge is where everyone with money lives, it’s the best accommodation money can buy here in Kirikiri. The warders are the Landlords, the rent is their extra income, and the amount you are willing to pay determines the quality of your room; whether shared or private. Here, I have learnt more than before that wealth opens doors poverty may not even see. While many of us struggle to breathe and sleep, those with money live in comfort and sleeps in the best rooms Kirikiri has. To the world, we are all prisoners, but in here, we exist in grades.

Father, I sent you a message today, through the lawyer. Last night, it occurred to me that no one at my work knows what has happened to me. I’m sure they still wonder where I have gone, and why I never returned to work. Please tell them of my woes, and of this calamity that befell me. Ask to see my boss, tell her that I understand if I no longer have a place there. Ask for Babajide, he is my friend. Tell him to pack all the personal items I left there and give them to you, tell him to come to see me here soon, that a face from the life I knew would be a welcome one.

The past 3 months here have been the longest months of my life. It seemed like time stood still, yet I know that outside of here, life is moving, passing me by and threatening to leave me behind.

Pray with me Father, that the Judge sends me home with you. I fear despair and fear may swallow me if I stay here much longer.

Till next week,

Your Son.

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