by Adepeju Answer Adeosun

Note: This is the first part of a tw0-series post. You can read the second part here

Enitan drove into the premises of the Federal Medical Centre; she drove towards the car park and found an empty space and drove straight in.

She never liked a hospital; she hates the “hospital odour”. “The thickness of the ever present smell of antiseptics, drugs, disinfectants and sanitizers nauseates me.”

She has no idea where to go first. She walked towards one of the buildings with doubt clearly written on her face. I think I should just ask someone for directions.

Quickly, she scanned the environment and noticed an elderly woman
who looked like a staff. She made quick and calculated strides towards the woman.

“Good morning ma…please ma I would like to see a doctor but I have no idea where to start from…ma.”
The woman cleared her throat “Yes…errmm…du yu haf a kaadi?” Each word heavy with Yoruba accent.

“What… I’m sorry, did you say a do I have a card…ma?”

“Ehn!… yu wee need a kaadi to see the dortor, go to the Record Room, that is where yu wee kollet kadi to see the dortor. Kaadi is free o…yu hear? ”

“I should go to the Records room where I will get a card in order to see the doctor, and the card is free, right?” the woman nodded at every word, obviously mesmerized by Enitan’s British accent.

She thanked the woman and walked towards the direction the woman pointed to. So this is how it is done.

Enitan was born with a “diamond” spoon. She was born in the United Kingdom, grew up and schooled there. She had never gone to a government hospital for medical treatment or anything of such nature. It’s been three years now since she relocated to Nigeria to manage the Nigerian branch of her father’s vast business empire.

“You see, I want you to have an experience of the rich culture and tradition of the Nigerian people. Nigeria is your fatherland, look at me I was born and bred in Nigeria, I schooled in Nigeria and look how successful I have become…”her father’s words rang in her ear again, those words will forever ring in her ear. Enitan never liked coming to Nigeria, but according to her mum, being the first born of the family she had to set a good example for her younger brother, and besides she knows how much her father holds her in high esteem, that meant a lot to her.

“Excuse me, I was told to come here. I need to get a card to see a doctor? Yeah?”

“Aunty, when you know you want to write a new card, why are you just coming at this time? Abi you have a card already…You may not get to see a doctor today o, because all these people are here to see doctor as well and we have just three doctors on seat…”

Enitan’s heart sank. The devil is a liar I must see the doctor today

“Excuse me, did you say three doctors?”

The lady in charge of “the cards” gave her a long look before answering yes. “After compiling your names we will divide you people into three so that you can see the doctors.”

“Does that mean I may not see Dr. Akindele?”

“Is it Dr. Akindele you want to see? Ah!…after dividing you people your name may fall under a different doctor o.”

“Please, I need to consult him.” The devil is a liar today

The lady shrugged. “Don’t worry, I will put your file under those seeing Dr. Akindele but that doesn’t mean you won’t wait for a while, your names will be called in the order of your arrival. Some of these people have been here since 7am.”
Enitan thanked the lady and found a seat. She is willing to wait, as long as she gets to see Dr. Akindele. She smiled, imagining the expression on his face when she works in. Coming back to Nigeria hasn’t been that bad, at least she met Dayo nearly a year after relocating to Nigeria and they have been friends since then. Friendship later turned to something else; she smiled as she glanced at her middle finger once again. Everything has been awesome since they met and he has finally put a ring on it. Soon-to-be Mrs Akindele. She smiled again.

I can’t believe I have never being to this part of this hospital. Whenever she visits Dayo at work, she always work straight to his office but today she decided to give him a surprise visit by pretending to be a patient. She even gave the card writing lady a fake name. I have to be sure Dayo has no idea who is about to come in.

To be continued…

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