Thirty - Chapter 13

“Teni, let’s be honest, you and I have a history, and because of that, you can’t keep throwing ‘we are just friends’ in his face,”

Thirty - Chapter 13

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“Someone is home,” Bola said in a sing-song tone.

“Hey.” I greeted absent-mindedly, still shocked by the unexpected turn the night had taken. Omololu’s irrational behaviour tonight had knocked all energy out of me, and all I want is to curl up on my bed to sulk and perhaps to also figure out what went wrong. I knew he was upset about something I did with Ayomide, at least that much was clear from our ‘conversation’ in the car, but what exactly had triggered so much anger was still beyond me.

“Earth to Teni,” I heard Bola called, snapping me out of my reverie. I did not realise that I had not moved away from the door since I came in. I was disturbed and it must be visible, considering how suddenly exhausted I felt.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” She asked looking at me with concern.

“Nothing,” I responded, managing a shrug. I was in no mood to talk to Bola about what had happened, at least until I make sense of it myself. “I’m just tired, it’s been a long day,” I added, walking to my room.

“You don’t look okay though. Tell me what’s wrong,” She prodded.

“I’m okay, really,” I assured with a half-smile. “I’m going to bed,”

“Okay, no party gist today then,” I heard Bola mutter as I entered my room. I felt guilty for blowing her off, especially because I promised to tell her details of everything that happened at the party, only as a reward for picking out my dress. We had even been chatting on my way home before Omololu exploded, but I couldn’t muster up enough excitement after the way the night ended.

I flung myself on the bed, sighing as I laid my head on the bed. “Teni, you need to get up and shower,” I said to myself. “But what did I do to piss Lolu off so badly?” I questioned out loud. I still couldn’t figure it out. I know I got carried away by Ayomide, but we were only catching up, he was telling me about the company he started with Tosin, and how that made Lolu jealous to the point of anger is beyond me.

He over-reacted, I thought as I stood up to grab the pack of face wipes. “His friends mocking him?” I snorted. “For what? So I cannot talk to another man again because we are dating abi,” I rolled my eyes just thinking about the whole drama that happened on our drive home.

I picked up my phone, scrolling to his number, tempted to call him and settle the issue. Maybe I should give him space to calm down, I thought, remembering how upset he was. Besides, he will call in the morning anyway, and all would be forgiven.


“Ayomide,” I said the moment I answered the phone.

“Did I wake you? I didn’t think you would be sleeping yet,”

“I was just lying down jare,” I assured him. “I’ve been rolling around for a few hours now unable to sleep,”

“Nothing unusual about that really, that’s you and your complicated relationship with sleep,” He responded chuckling, causing me to roll my eyes. “I just called to check up on you. It was great catching up today,”

“Yes, it was. Thank you for calling, I had a good time,” I responded smiling lightly.

“And your Omololu? How is he too?” He asked, causing me to raise my brows in suspicion.

“He’s fine. Why?”

“Nothing really, just wanted to be sure he’s not too upset. I noticed he was a bit off when you both were leaving, that’s all. I hope you managed to calm him down,”

“What does he need to be calm about?” I asked incredulously. Ayomide’s line of questions surprised me, and more because he claimed he noticed that Omololu was off when I didn’t.

“Oh God, Teni. You guys got into a fight, didn’t you?” He said sighing. “I’m really sorry for the part I played in this, honestly. I shouldn’t have monopolised your attention like that. The poor guy must have felt like a fool all night,”

“Why?” I asked, still unsure what Ayomide was sorry about, yet shocked that he used the same words Lolu had used earlier in his car. “Yes, we fought, or he fought with me, but I don’t even see why he was so upset. He was just over-reacting,”

Ayomide kept quiet after that, the sound of his breathing was the only indication that he was still on the phone. I couldn’t quite understand what he felt he needed to be sorry about when he had done nothing wrong.

“We were just catching up, Mide. That’s all there was to it, so you have nothing to be sorry about. Besides, he will be calm by morning, and he will be able to see how much he over-reacted. Anyway, there is…”

“Teniola!” Ayomide interrupted my rant. “Do you honestly not see why he is upset? And why his anger is justified?” He asked calmly as if the gentleness of his voice would get me to understand better.

“No, I don’t see why he should be jealous,” I shrugged even though he could not see me. “He was going on about how I made a fool of him, despite assuring him that you and I are just friends. He wasn’t hearing me, Mide, at all. He dropped me off and just zoomed off without a proper goodbye,”

“Well, I wouldn’t blame him,” I heard Ayomide mutter under his breath.

“So, it’s my fault then?”

“Mine too,” He responded.

“What are you talking about now? We didn’t do anything wrong,”

“Teni, let’s switch to video, so I can see your face as I try to explain this to you,” He said just before his switch to video request came in.

“Yes?” I said looking at him. “This is my face now, let’s hear it,” I added, trying but failing to suppress my growing irritation.

“Teniola, that man, Omololu is good for you, and if there’s anyone I would be happy to see you with, it would be him,” He started, his expression serious. “And yes, tonight was the first time I’ve met him, but I’ve heard a lot about him from Tosin. So, seeing you with the Omololu Williams today, I was happy, and I also knew you were in good hands, especially with the way he was looking at you,”

“How was he looking at me?” I asked, my nose scrunched up.

“Focus Teni, not the point here,” He responded, rolling his eyes. “I would be upset if I were in his shoes, so, I understand. And him dropping you off, and zooming off should not be upsetting you, I feel like he actually controlled himself well,”

‘Okay, so will you explain what exactly I did wrong?” I asked impatiently.

“We sat and talked throughout the party,” He said with a shake of his head. “He must have felt ignored. I take responsibility too, honestly. I should have pushed you towards him. The poor guy just sat there all night looking like the outsider while we kept talking,”

I listened raptly as Ayomide continued to speak about the events of the night. He reminded me of the time during the party when one of the servers approached our table, and I picked two drink glasses from the tray, one for him and me, and none for my boyfriend. I had even forgotten about it because it was done absentmindedly and without spite. He explained to me how Lolu must have felt to be pushed to the background at a party he brought me to.

“Teni, let’s be honest, you and I have a history, and because of that, you can’t keep throwing ‘we are just friends’ in his face. He would never see it that way, and not because he doesn’t trust you, but because we are also exes.” He ended, giving me his signature smile.

“So, what do I do now? He must know I didn’t mean to make him feel like that right?” I asked quietly, suddenly unsure about how to undo the damage.

“I’m sure he knows you didn’t mean to, but the relevant fact is that you did make him feel like that, so you have to fix it. Start by apologising Teni, then take it from there, okay?” He said, his eyebrow raised in question.

Satisfied by my nod, he continued, “And, I will also behave myself. Besides, I should become friends with him too, because that’s the only way we can maintain our friendship without rubbing him off the wrong way,”

I smiled reflecting on all he had said. Ayomide always did have a good head on his shoulder, I thought. I’m glad that head came through for me.

“I will fix it,” I said, assuring myself and Ayomide at the same time.

“Great!” He grinned. “Tell him I’m sorry too, but wait until you both have kissed and made up, okay?” He winked.

“Yes sir,” I responded, chucking as I ended the call.

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