Thirty - Chapter 14

He won’t answer his phone! He won’t return my calls! I’ve sent him messages on WhatsApp, even text messages, yet he’s not responding

Thirty - Chapter 14

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“You seem troubled,” Bola noted, her steady gaze on me as if she could see into my soul.

I know she was upset that I have been blowing her off yet sulking, but I was still not in the mood to talk to her. Perhaps, it is because now that I knew what I had done wrong, I was certain she would scold me and Bola’s brand of brutal honesty is one thing I’m not ready for.

“I’m fine, I just have a lot on my mind,” I responded, trying to assure her and get her off my back at the same time.

“Well, that much is obvious,” She scowled. “Or why else would you be pacing all over the house?” She said with a shrug.

The pacing was true but I couldn’t help it. It seems like the only thing keeping me sane. Omololu had still not called and he won’t even answer any of my messages or calls. His radio silence has been driving me crazy and I can’t help thinking if we are beyond redemption. Is he not going to forgive me? I thought, the possibility stopping me mid-pace.

“Maybe you should just call him, Teniola!” She snapped. “Constantly looking at your phone would not make it ring, you know?” She added, clearly irritated by my erratic behaviour.

“What are you talking about?” I said, scowling at her.

“I have been calling him since yesterday. I first called last night, immediately after my conversation with Ayomide. When he didn’t answer I figured he was simply still upset, but it’s almost 24 hours now, and all I get is this radio silence that has been driving me crazy. He won’t answer his phone! He won’t return my calls! I’ve sent him messages on WhatsApp, even text messages, yet he’s not responding,” I added heatedly.

“He’s ignoring me Bola,” I whined, dropping on the sofa. “And if I am being honest, more than his anger that night, this silence scares me more.”

“Why don’t you tell me exactly what happened last night,” Bola said calmly, reaching out to hold my hand.

“Sorry, I went off like that,” I apologised, sighing deeply.

Dismissing my apology with a wave, she said “I knew you would explode sooner or later.”

“I mean, you have been sulking since you got back last night, and even though you have not spoken to me, it was pretty clear that whatever crawled up your butt had Omololu written all over it,” She added with a wink.

“Now, talk to me and let’s activate Operation Get Mr W to stop ignoring his baby girl,” She grinned, immediately lightening my mood a little.

I told her of Ayomide’s presence at the party. I admitted I had unintentionally ignored Lolu, while consumed by Ayomide’s presence. I narrated the events during our drive back from the party, and how unusually angry Omololu was. I confessed that I didn’t understand his anger or what I had done wrong, but Ayomide brought me back to my senses.

Bola sat listening to me without interrupting. Her opinion was clear in the way her eyes would open a bit wider as I described how I sat with Ayomide all through the night, yet she remained quiet until I ended the story.

“So, I am not going to scold you as you expected,” She started, “But only because I think you are still suffering the punishment of your actions.” She added, lifting a finger. “I think I should send Ayomide a message to thank him for saving me the stress of beating sense into you, and I may or may not find a way to mention that he contributed to the problem too,”

“Bola, focus on the solution,” I groaned, hiding a smile at her predictability.

“Don’t interrupt me,” She snorted. “Anyway, since calling is not working, you have to go see him,” She stated as if it was the most obvious solution.

“So he will embarrass me?” I eyed her.

“First, he won’t. Second, if he does, it will be well deserved,” She responded, slightly pushing my head. “You embarrassed the man at one of his best friend’s party, in the full glare of his three friends, and other nosey people present, and you…”

“Okay, okay, I get it,” I interrupted. “It’s Sunday though, he could be anywhere,”

“Well, lucky you, he and I are still friends, so I could find out his location,” She smirked, picking up her phone. “Oh, and what I was going to say before your rude interruption is that once you have gotten the man back, you will need to win his friends over too,” She added, smiling wickedly.

“Oh shit,” I groaned, “I messed up.”

“Mr. W,” I heard Bola call out grinning at whatever Lolu said on the other end of the phone. “My wedding is still in two weeks o, I hope you have not forgotten that I’ve told everyone Mr. W will be there,” She said laughing again. “Well, it’s not my fault they all think Mr. W is BankyW o,”

“What are you doing?” I whispered, confused at the line of conversation. “Ask where he is,” I muttered, slightly pushing at her knee.

Ignoring me, she got up and walked a few metres away from me. “No wahala now. Hope you are enjoying this Sunday sun o?” She asked. “Oh really? You are living the best life now,” She said, responding to whatever he said. “Yeah, I will be travelling home tomorrow to sort out some last-minute wedding plans. Okay then,” She added, shortly before bidding him goodbye and ending the call.

“He is at a beach house with his friends,” She said, eyeing me, as she walked back to the sofa.

“Sorry,” I apologised, smiling sheepishly. “I was just wondering what the chit chat was for when you had not gotten the information we wanted,”

“You don’t know anything,” She said, shaking her head. “So you thought I would just call and say Hello, where are you abi?” She asked rolling her eyes. “You need to have patience o, Madam. Good things only happen to those who wait,”

“Yes ma’am,” I mocked salute. “So…” I prodded, thirsty for more information about their conversation.

“So, nothing o,” She sighed. “You pissed him off Teni. He didn’t ask of you at all, and you know he would have at least ask if I was taking care of you,”

“Yeah, I did,” I said in resignation. “But, I will fix it. He can’t walk me out of his office. Well, at least, I hope he doesn’t when I show up there tomorrow.”

“On a Monday morning? No office?” Bola asked, surprised.

“I’m sick o, or I will be tomorrow. Emotional sickness deserves a day off now,” I responded seriously.

Laughing hysterically, she got up shaking her head, “Well, since Operation Get Mr. W to stop ignoring his baby girl is in full swing, I can go pack for my journey,”

“Mrs. Bride,” I called out to her, earning a grin back. “Thank you Bola,” I added, deeply grateful for her friendship.

“You would do the same,” She winked and walked to her room.

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