Thirty - Chapter 15

“It’s okay. Thank you for seeing me,” I started, earning a simple nod from him. I didn’t expect a fanfare welcome, but neither did I expect this disconcerting coldness from him.

Thirty - Chapter 15

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This man thinks I’m here to play, I thought shaking my head slightly. If only he knows I will be here till closing time if necessary.

I have been sitting in Omololu’s waiting room for about 4 hours now while he is in a meeting. When I first got here this morning, the receptionist immediately told me I couldn’t see him without an appointment. It took pleading and even threatening to scream down the office before she went in to tell him of my presence. She came out only to inform me that he has multiple meetings today and won’t be available for hours.

“I will wait,” I had simply said to her and took a seat. “Tell him, I will wait for however long he’s in the meetings for,” I added, smiling at the understandably irritated lady.

It’s over 4 hours now, and I am honestly exhausted from sitting but I came determined, besides, I’m too proud to leave after bragging about being ready to wait for however long it takes. “It’s like Omololu too is determined to test my patience,” I muttered, chucking quietly, suddenly seeing the humour in this game of will we are both playing.

The sound of my phone ringing interrupted my thought. “Hello Bola,” I said immediately I answered. Bola had travelled earlier in the morning and had sent me a message about an hour ago when she arrived at her Parents’ house in Ibadan.

“Don’t tell me you still haven’t seen him?” She asked.

“He is still in a meeting, I’m told,” I responded. We both knew that Omololu could have seen me even briefly if he had wanted to, but none of us mentioned it. I accept what I have done, and although I do not appreciate being kept waiting, I’m determined to see him and apologise, even if nothing comes out of it.

“I’m sure he will see me soon,” I said, hoping it will turn out to be so.

“Sure. Besides, it’s almost lunch, and even CEOs eat at least,” She said. “Let me know when you get home then. My Mum is already driving me crazy by the way, and I just got home o,”

“As expected now,” I said laughing good-naturedly. Bola’s mother has always been the hyperactive, overly dramatic textbook African mother, and she never ceases to make me laugh.

“Laugh all you want now. You know she will make your life a living hell throughout the wedding weekend right? She is already talking about your wedding being next, and has plans to match-make you at my wedding,”

“I won’t expect anything less from Mama Bola,” I laughed again. “Let’s hope Omololu and I make up, then she won’t need to match-make. And she can bug him about marrying me,” I added, grinning at my imagination.

“Excuse me?” The receptionist interrupted, smiling courteously. “He will see you now,”

“Oh, thank you,” I said nodding at her. “Bola, I have to go complete the operation, wish me luck,”

“Good luck, go get him!” She quickly said, ending the call.


“Hi,” I said waving slightly from the door. Omololu looked powerful sitting in his seat, looking at me with an unreadable expression. I knew he is a powerful man, but I’ve never visited him at the office, and so never saw him in all his professional glory.

The office was large and beautifully decorated in a way that exhumes a perfect mix of power and class.

“Please come in and take a seat,” He beckoned to me from behind his desk. “Sorry to keep you waiting. It’s a busy day today,” He added as I sat down, looking anything but apologetic.

“It’s okay. Thank you for seeing me,” I started, earning a simple nod from him. I didn’t expect a fanfare welcome, but neither did I expect this disconcerting coldness from him.

“Babe, I messed up, and I’m deeply sorry,” I said, finally earning a ghost of an expression from him. Encouraged, I continued, “I have no excuse whatsoever. I hurt you in a way I wouldn’t want to be hurt myself, and I deeply regret that,”

“Teni, I…”

“Please let me finish,” I interrupted, cutting him off. “I want you to know that I didn’t mean to hurt you. I got carried away and acted foolishly, but I had no intention of hurting you.” I continued, sitting forward on my seat.

“Believe me, I would not do that to you. You are important to me, Omololu. Extremely important and I would never trade you for anything or anyone. Yes, Ayomide and I had a bond, a history, but that’s it, just history and a friendship. But you? You are the love of my life,” I said, willing myself not to cry.

“When I look at you, and think about how you have loved me, and hopefully still do, I’m always reminded of how much God must love me, or why else would he bless me with you,” I said, my voice quavering. “So, babe, please forgive me. I am sorry, very sorry,” I ended, lowering my tear-filled eyes.

“Don’t cry Teni,” I heard Omololu say in a voice, filled with emotions as he got up to walk over to me. Holding me to him, he continued, “I’m sorry that I’ve been unreachable too, I was just deeply hurt and angry. You have never been this open to me about how you feel, so seeing the way you were with him at the party just seemed like a confirmation that you might not be on the same page with me,”

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled again to his chest.

“I know,” He said rubbing my back. “And thank you for being so vulnerable with me. It means a lot to me,” He added lifting my face to his, and lightly pecking my lips.

“Do you know how pretty you look when you cry?” He asked grinning.

“Pretty ko,” I snorted. “Give me some tissue paper jare,” I responded swatting his chest.

“At least I know what your crying face will look like on our wedding day,” He said, handing me some tissue paper.

“Propose first, then we will talk,” I responded, trying not to swoon at his hint about marriage.

“We will see,” He winked, and took the seat next to me. “So, lunch?” He asked, making me laugh suddenly.

“What’s so funny about lunch?” He asked confused.

“Nothing. Only that before you graciously called me into your office, Bola called, and she said you would see me by lunch,” I explained. “Even CEOs eat,” I added imitating Bola.

“Bola is something,” He said, smiling as he held my hand, pulling me up with him. “And don’t think I didn’t know you put her up to that call yesterday,” He added, his eyebrows raised. “But she did a fantastic job subtly finding out where I was,”

I grinned, motioning with my hands that my lips were sealed and I would admit nothing.

“By the way, I need to redeem myself in front of your friends,” I said, groaning, just thinking about what they must think of me. “Oh, and your receptionist too, I may or may not have threatened to shout if she didn’t tell you I was here,”

“Well, Ayomide called Tosin to explain and he added how miserable you are. Tosin did a good job passing it on to the rest of the team, and in fact, they were bugging me to return your calls all through yesterday,”

“Really?” I asked, shocked at Ayomide’s unexpected intervention.

“Yeah, he also sent his apologies to me through Tosin,” He added smiling slightly. “He seems like a standup guy, and Tosin thinks highly of him as well,” I stared at him with my mouth agape.

“As for my receptionist,” He continued, leading me to the door. “You can just apologise to her now. She should forgive you easily once you explain how desperate you were,” He said, grinning mischievously, as he opened the door.

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