Thirty - Chapter 23

“Phase 2?” I repeated, laughing. “Never put your eggs in one basket huh? I see why you are a successful businessman,” I grinned at him. “So what’s phase 2?”

Thirty - Chapter 23
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“Omololu wants to fight this, and that’s all that matters right now. So, go and talk to him. Listen to his plans and do all you can,”

Bola’s words rang in my head as I stared out of the backseat window of the uber that was taking me to Omololu’s house. I had called her the moment I woke up today. I wished I didn’t have to disturb her honeymoon but she was the only one who I knew would give me the clarity I needed, and she did.

I smiled softly remembering Bola’s first statement in response to my over five minutes rants, ‘You are leaping into conclusion Teni.’Her use of the word ‘leaping’ rather than ‘jumping’ had immediately shut me up. She wanted me to focus on finding the solution to ‘this first of many clogs,’ her terminology for this current trouble in my relationship.

When had Bola gotten so wise? I thought ruefully. If I wasn’t so disturbed, I would have asked how being married for less than two weeks already made her an expert on the ‘bigger challenges to be expected in marriage’. But she was right, I had been so obsessively focused on how much his family would resent and treat me if we got married, and failed to simply focus and see if we could resolve this current problem.

“I would never advise you to marry a man whose family hates you. Marriage is not just about the two people, it involves the two families too. But, Teniola, don’t lose this relationship because you didn’t try your best. Try, and if you fail, I promise you, you will leave with pain but without regret.”

Her words gave me a lot to think about, so when she nudged me to go talk to Omololu, I didn’t hesitate. So, here I am, on my way to make sure that even if we fail, I could move on without regret.


“Peace offering?” I said holding out the pack of his favourite suya, immediately Omololu opened the door.

“We are not at war babe,” He chuckled, as he opened the door wider for me to come in. “But if this is what I get as peace offerings, sign me up weekly,” He added, accepting that pack and immediately bringing it to his nose to savor the aroma.

I grinned at him, relieved at the return of our easy camaraderie.

“I’m sorry about how I handled things yesterday. I was just overwhelmed,”  I said, sitting down.

“I know,” He shrugged. “What’s more important is you are here, all on your own, so I assume you are ready to listen to my awesome plan.”

“I’m all ears Captain,” I mocked salute.

“I think it’s high time you met Omolola. She’s coming over next weekend, and I think we should all go somewhere and hang out,”

I was confused, “And this is the awesome plan? For me to meet your sister?”

“Well, my dear, you are asking this question because you’ve never met Omolola. You see, she’s petite, but in our home, she is a force of nature. She’s been asking to come here and meet you for a while now, but I haven’t given her the okay. Now, it’s the next step. Once she meets you and sees how awesome you are, she will surely rave about you till my Mum’s ear bleeds. They are very close you know?”

“So, you are using her for her sharp mouth huh?” I asked chuckling.

“Of course o. At least, I can finally be rewarded for putting up with that mouth of hers all these years,” He grinned.

“And if your Mum had already told her about her ‘concerns’? You don’t think this plan will be counter-productive?”

“Remember her sharp mouth? She would have called me if she knew. But another thing about my baby sister is she has a mind of her own, so no matter what, she would want to make her own assessment,”

“Hmmm,” I nodded. “So, I just have to make sure she likes me enough to rave about me then,”

“Oh, she will love you. Aside from the fact that she has good tastes, she also knows that her big brother always picks the best,” He stated confidently.

“I hope this works then,”

“It will babe,” He winked. “And if it somehow fails, we move to Phase 2,”

“Phase 2?” I repeated, laughing. “Never put your eggs in one basket huh? I see why you are a successful businessman,” I grinned at him. “So what’s phase 2?”

“Okay! So, I expect that even if Omolola does not succeed in convincing my Parents, her rave about you would have sown a seed in their hearts, so all we need is to water that seed by bringing in the elders,”

“The elders? Are you sure it’s a good idea to involve other members of your family?” I was concerned this may have a negative effect. If his parents are anything like mine, the last thing they would appreciate is involving extended family members.

“Oh, not family elders o,” He snorted. “Church elders! And in this case, their Pastor. I admit I’m not particularly close to the man, but he’s a reasonable man and my Parents hold him in high esteem. If he can’t convince them, no other person can,” He ended.

“And he will be willing to vouch for me because?”

“Because we will honour him by calling and visiting him. I’m sure he will do his own assessment or something, but I don’t see why he wouldn’t be on board with this,”

I sat back, thinking through the plans. They were good plans, logical too but the fact that their success depends on other people worries me.

As if reading my mind, Omololu reached for my hand, “Don’t worry babe, these plans will work. All I need is for my folks to be open-minded enough to meet you, that’s it. Once they do, eventually they will see what I see,”

I nodded smiling; he always seemed to know the right words to say at the right time.

“And please babe, don’t tell your parents about this okay. I think they should meet my parents without any resentment when the time comes. Right?”

“Right,” I agreed. I didn’t see the point in fanning a fire we are already trying to put out.

“So, can we eat the suya now?” I changed the subject, nudging him toward the suya pack he had placed on the table.

“Wait, what?” He raised his eyebrow. “Is that not supposed to be your peace offering to me?” He asked pointing dramatically from me to him.

“And what better way to show peace if not sharing?” I grinned, reaching for the suya.

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